Tuesday, April 01, 2003

"I Was Wrong" or "They Really Do Want To Be Nuked"

The wingnuts are all a' twitter over an article published by one Ken Joseph called "I Was Wrong". Mr. Joseph professes to be an Assyrian Christian now reformed peace activist who experienced an epiphany during a recent visit to Iraq. He claims the Assyrian Christians want this war but are unable to voice that opinion due to the oppressive watchfullness of Saddam's minders.

According to his testimony he crossed the border, was greeted by border guards who were friendly when he told them he was Assyrian, and one of the first things he did was attend Church.

Quite the repressive regime.

He then goes on to interview 'ordinary Iraqis' in the private homes of his relatives. He explains the reason he wasn't subjected to 'minders' was due to some fluke? Considering the grandiosity of statements like ...

"Then I began to see around me those seemingly in every household who had lost their minds. It seemed in every household there was one or more people who in any other society would be in a Mental Hospital and the ever present picture of a family member killed in one of the many wars..."

...I'm surprised he didn't attribute it to an act of God. It also seems to contradict the entire premise of his argument. Wouldn't another war breed more insanity? How is it these people he interviewed are so certain this will be the 'final' war?

Mr. Joseph is a second generation minister whose father heeded MacArthur's call 'for 10,000 young people to help rebuild Japan following the war'. His memories of those experiences was the resource he drew upon to make this statement;

"Once again going back to my Japanese roots I began to understand. The stories I had heard from older Japanese of how in a strange way they had welcomed the sight of the bombers in the skies over Japan.

Of course nobody wanted to be bombed but the first sight of the American B29 Bombers signaled to them that the war was coming to an end. An end was in sight. There would be terrible destruction. They might very well die but finally in a tragic way there was finally hope."

He's not only a liar he's a bad one. And I'd guess he's making a fortune on that site of his from all of the guilt-ridden Americans who know in their hearts you don't 'liberate' people by killing them and are grateful for the redemption this Christian provides. And well it must be true, he's going to be interviewed by Baba Wawa.

The Iraqi Christians were very frightened by the prospect of war. Iraq is a secular state and Saddam for the most part had ignored them thus the freedom to practice their religion. Under a more fundamentalist regime they would not enjoy that privilege.

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