Sunday, April 13, 2003

Dyncorp Does Iraq

The Observer reports that Dyncorp has been awarded the very lucrative contract for policing in post-attack Iraq. No surprise that the Bushies would turn to their favorite mercenary-for-hire group. They've been using them in covert operations for years. However some in the UK are questioning the propriety of hiring a firm that is plagued with scandals for such a delicate operation.

After listening for so long to 'Saddam and his sons rape women we must invade' it's more than ironic the 'new' Iraq will now be policed by a company that has faced charges of doing the same.

I empathise with anyone who is still shocked by the actions of this administration. They truly have no shame.

Update: Jeanne D'Arc has a must read post for anyone looking for a 'conservative paradise'...Look under April 13 as the links aren't working.

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