Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Let's Take The Whole World On

Rumsfeld 'leaks' plans for regime change in North Korea.

Lugar calls for attack if NK doesn't 'drop nukes'.

Perle...well calling for a Syria Liberation Act hasn't satisfied him. He's also determined to punish Russia and France.

Washington has made clear that any historic deals with the former regime will not continue. Mr Perle reaffirmed that view in an interview in the Kommersant newspaper yesterday. “It is highly likely that all previous deals with Russia will be declared null and void,” he said.

Russia had made a mistake by joining forces with France and Germany, he said. “The Russian Government backed a loser. This will undoubtedly seriously damage Russian interests.”


Mr Perle kept his most scathing remarks yesterday for President Chirac of France. “Do you really think the new Iraqi Government is going to invite Jacques Chirac?” he said. “Chirac went too far in his aim of opposing the US and the coalition. I don’t think the majority of Americans are ready to forget that. Chirac had a choice: to come on to our side or Saddam Hussein’s. He chose Hussein.”

Am I missing something here? I thought the Iraqi people were to be making their own decisions. This 'new' Iraqi government Perle refers to seems to be drafting policy before it's representatives have been elected.

Update: Pentagon downplays Paris show

New Pentagon guidelines bar generals from attending the Paris Air Show in June and will cut in half the number of US military aircraft on display, a move that some defense industry specialists see as a swipe at France for its opposition to the US invasion of Iraq.

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