Friday, April 04, 2003

The Co-Presidency

E.J.Dionne writes that Bush would not exist if not for Karl Rove. True enough. But Karl Rove would not exist if not for the intensive rallying of those in the neoconservative ranks that have cheapened our political process and inundated our society with the lowliest of common denominators.

These days I'm not sure which war is waging stronger. The one our service people are battling in Iraq [okay it's not really a war] or the one in the 'homeland' fueled by extremists like Kristol and Gingrich against anyone who doesn't kneel at their altar.

I have a solution. Everyone who supports this pre-emptive strike should migrate to Iraq [once it becomes The 51st State?] and build their neocon nation. They keep insisting the Iraqis love us so I'm sure they'd be welcomed with bear hugs and sloppy wet kisses.

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