Friday, April 04, 2003

'Where shall we go, to Baghdad?,' deported Tul Karm men ask IDF

I viewed a heartbreaking documentary on World Link TV last night about Palestine and the current state of affairs in Israel and the occupied territories.

It's an abomination. The Israeli settlements are not what I pictured. They are ugly, menacing fortresses which house suburban luxuries in the midst, no in the face, of cruelly administered and calculated poverty. They are even in the process of constructing a 'Jews Only' highway while continuing the long detainment of Palestinians attempting to make the shortest of journeys. Trips that should take less than half and hour are delayed up to 9 hours and sometimes overnight. People are subjected to daily searches and humiliation by a military that seems invisible to the world at large despite the egregious violations of human rights they inflict.

The excuse made for extra-judicial assasinations is they are 'accidents'. Anyone who can view these conditions and conclude the same is a monster.

I no longer wonder what the intentions of the United States and Israel are for these people. Deputy Sheriff indeed. If this model is but the first offspring from which Iraq proper will be cloned the United States as we know it will never survive the establishment of it. I can't imagine what it must be like to endure atrocities like watching helplessly as a home that's been in your family for 900 years is destroyed.

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