Friday, February 28, 2003

Comments? How easy was that? Now if I've fixed the no-space thing I'll consider this my lucky day.

Success! Not bad for someone who's HTML illiterate. Woo Hoo...

Maybe one day I'll have a reason to archive weekly? Hey, I'm a dreamer.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

I doubt anyone's reading this but in case someone stumbles by thought I'd act like it.

Obviously not much time is devoted to caring for this blog. I spend hours online scouring news via google and various sources and reading the truly great blogs for the shocking tidbits and insightful perspectives they share. Of course by the time I've exhausted those sources there isn't anything left for me to write. It's all been done and then some.

But that's how I've been feeling in general about everything. The solution to the current problems we face seem frustratingly simple and all the right things have been said by the best of people yet the ones implementing policy have a corrupt and insanely greedy way of choosing the direction the United States should travel. It's hideous and it leaves me speechless.

Dennis Kucinich would make a very fine president I think. Too bad a lot of Democrats can't seem to allow the man his pro-life beliefs even though he's said he would support Roe v. Wade as president. Oh better we go with Dean a man who asks reporters to rate his performances as if his ideals can be altered by the whims of reporters.

That makes a lot of sense.