Monday, April 21, 2003

Cut to the Chase

Monkey Media Report has yet another outstanding post, this one about Richard Armitage and his claim that Hezbollah should be considered the 'A-Team' terrorist group to take aim against.

Have you ever seen Richard Armitage? Picture Gert Frobe of Goldfinger fame. I happened to catch this pro-Israeli hawk explaining his budget requests to a Congressional committee on C-Span 2 and his presence is one that evokes thugs, spies and brutish things that go bump in the night.

Adam B. Kushner posting in Colombia Political Review's The Fillibuster laments that the following is 'horrible news';

Arafat is continuing to block Mahmoud Abbas (a.k.a. Abu Mazen), the Palestinian Authority's prime minister designate, from appointing Muhammad Dahlan to the post of minister of the interior. That ministry would oversee the Authority's security apparatus. Dahlan is a big-time reformer and former Gaza security chief. He is not, however, an Arafat loyalist. And that, by all accounts, is a very good thing.

Is it really so terrible? On a tip from a friend who possesses an amazing wealth of knowledge about the conflict there's been rumours about for years that Dahlan is a CIA stooge. Googling handily reveals the connection. So why is it this doesn't merit a mention in Kushner's analysis?

Considering the dark, unmentionable history and indelicate, complex maneuverings how is it he can so pristinely claim Arafat has no interest in securing a peace settlement? How is it he can so readily ignore the actions of people in our own legislature when they initiate actions like this?

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