Thursday, January 30, 2003

My favorite moment of the SOTU...

Pelosi's disgust when Bush regurgitated his tax cut bile.

But my biggest disappointment this week was discovering her seeming support of Ariel Sharon. I never would have expected this from someone who took such a strong stand against China's despicable human rights record.

So one of my few remaining hopes for reasonable representation was just taken away. Pfffttt. Puff of smoke.

And all I have left to show for the experience is an aching heart.

Sunday, January 05, 2003

Suggestion for Frist, 'The Hero'

First order of business; expose the scandalous HMO/prescription drug rip-off. The Hippocratic Oath surely doesn't suggest that you force seniors to choose between needed medication and an unproven formula for health care administered by Bush campaign contributors.

Next. Now that you've saved/improved the lives of millions of our senior citizens I suggest you draft legislation that takes unsafe SUV's off-the-road and I don't mean to the backroads. Since the accident occurred when a blown tire caused the vehicle to roll-over please, at least acknowledge the reason for this terrible tragedy and use your 'fame' to call attention to the safety issues that cause these preventable accidents.