Monday, April 14, 2003

Troops find 'suspicious lab', looters raid unguarded nuclear site

The Times reports Tommy Franks' claim to have found the 'smoking gun'. Yet no chemical or biological weapons were found with the laboratories. ...

They found 11 buried . . . large metal 20ft by 20ft vans, buried in the ground. They are dual-use chemical labs, biological and chemical labs . . . close to an artillery ammunition plant, which had empty shells.

“It is too early to tell if this is evidence of banned weapons programmes but clearly it was new equipment, a lot of money in the 2002/2003 time period spent in that camp, probably over $1 million-worth of capability in these 11 vans and we continue to develop the investigation with better expertise.”

In the meantime, Jeanne D'Arc points to a story in the LA Times that informs us lack of attention to security at Iraq's only sanctioned nuclear site was taken advantage of by looters who in the process of carrying off booty compromised nuclear seals.

Even if chemical weapons are found what would it 'prove' when you've invaded and occupied a country in a mere 3 weeks and a good amount of your casualties are the result of your own carelessness?

The depleted uranium bomblets, the now broken seals at this nuclear site are known causes for worry that should be addressed.

Update: US rejects Iraq DU clean-up

It says no clean-up is needed, because research shows DU has no long-term effects.

It says a 1990 study suggesting health risks to local people and veterans is out of date.

A United Nations study found DU contaminating air and water seven years after it was used.

Irresponsible or deliberate neglect?

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