Monday, March 31, 2003

digby offers a new twist to Wesley Clark's military background making him the best Democrat for 2004. Contigency plan should Mr. Bush somehow come out ahead in his 'war on terruh' and ride into the elections on a white steed.

It's an interesting and valid point. But if the thug enjoys the popularity he does when he's screwing things up royally, I doubt anyone will touch him if by some miracle things are going well, even a 4 star General with smarts.

The only case that will trump Bush is a dynamic truth. The answer to terrorism is not more violence. We need someone with the sense and decency to address the underlying causes of it and Israel's strongarming of the Palestinians is an important place to start. I don't know what Clark's views are on most things so I'll hold my complete opinion until then. But I suppose at the moment I'm a bit hesitant to be very interested in a candidate that seems to be enjoying lots of attention based solely on his military experience.

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