Friday, April 25, 2003

Leaked Document Exposes pro-Israel Lobby's Manipulation of U.S. Public

In this post I linked to an action taken by members of Congress that calls on the administration not to make demands of Israel in the framework of the 'roadmap for peace'.

So far in the American press there have been many reports wanting to blame Arafat for any delays thus far despite months of opposition from Sharon himself to any plan that would call for the dismantling of settlements among other things in the proposal.

Today the Electronic Intifada has published a document which exposes the efforts of the public relations firm The Luntz Research Companies and The Israel Project meant to be a guide for Israeli activists on how to sway opinion as this discussion continues.

Among the suggestions are these;

"Iraq colors all. Saddam is your best defense, even if he is dead. The worldview [of] Americans is entirely dominated by developments in Iraq. This is a unique opportunity for Israelis to deliver a message of support and unity at a time of great international anxiety and opposition from some of our European "allies." For a year - a SOLID YEAR - you should be invoking the name of Saddam Hussein and how Israel was always behind American efforts to rid the world of this ruthless dictator and liberate their people."

"The fact that Israel has remained relatively silent for the three months preceding the war and for the three weeks of the war was absolutely the correct strategy - and according to all the polling done, it worked. But as the military conflict comes to a close, it is now time for Israel to lay out its own "road map" for the future which includes unqualified support for America and unqualified commitment to an ongoing war against terrorism."

"It DOES NOT HELP when you compliment President Bush. When you want to identify with and align yourself with America, just say it. Don't use George Bush as a synonym for the United States. Even with the destruction of the Hussein regime and all the positive reactions from the Iraqi people, there still remains about 20% of America that opposes the Iraqi war, and they are overwhelmingly Democrat. That leaves about half the Democrats who support the war even if they don't support George Bush. You antagonize the latter half unnecessarily every time you compliment the President. Don't do it."

""SECURITY" sells. Security has become the key fundamental principle for all Americans. Security is the context by which you should explain Israeli need for loan guarantees and military aid, as well as why Israel can't just give up land. The settlements are our Achilles heel, and the best response (which is still quite weak) is the need for security that this buffer creates."

Download the document now [PDF format, 40K]

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