Sunday, April 13, 2003

The New American Century

Thanks to BuzzFlash I discovered a feature on USA Today that is entirely cool. It lists recent and current bills Congress is hashing out and provides updates along with contact information.

While looking for confirmation that the House passed a version of Bush's 'kill overtime' idea I happened upon this statement from Rep. Dennis Cordoza, 1st-term Democrat from California.

The New American Century

Rep. Dennis Cardoza
Sen. Dianne Feinstein
Sen. Barbara Boxer

April 11, 2003

I am deeply disturbed by the plan laid out by some of the members of our administration on their "educational" website [The website's address is actually ]

I know I have already written to you about this site and how appalled I am about the views set out on this site but I am so deeply concerned that I have had nothing but form letter replies from you that it leads me to think you are not taking this issue seriously.

I do not believe that the American Dream is global dominance by the U.S. government. I can't believe that you would support a foreign policy like this. It concerns me greatly that no one is calling into question the views of this administration that the only way to insure American security is to topple governments and place U.S. interests in their place.

We can't take back what we have already done in Iraq. But we can make sure this goes no further. Keep our troops safe. Stand up for our values. Bring the troops home and don't allow this action to spread any farther!

Merced , CA

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