Friday, April 25, 2003

No Clear Proof Globalisation Helps The Poor

PDF file can be downloaded if you'd like to read the latest IMF report in full.

According to Soren Ambrose of 50 Years is Enough, the report 'shatters most of the IMF’s own arguments for structural adjustment.'

This Reuters article [Google cache] made its way around the web when it appeared in March and is a synopsis of sorts of the IMF report.

I'm revisiting it in light of Bush's recent announcement delivered by his new treasury secretary, John Snow.

" Iraq's citizens should not have to pay back the debts racked up by their former dictator. "

This is self-serving hypocrisy to the nth. Considering the administration's relentless obstruction of the same type of relief for other countries the deeper meaning of this action cuts deeply.

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