Saturday, April 05, 2003

Democracy, Whiskey & Sex

I watched some of Bill Maher's new HBO show Real Time tonight. Just a few observations.

First I've been surprised twice now by his choices of GOP guest commentators. I don't object to his selections necessarily but he never addresses the reasons they're at all interesting [at least to me].

For instance, Dana Rohrabacher. When he appeared Maher let him go on and on about how wonderful this Iraq invasion is but never once questioned him about allegations he's made in the past concerning the Taliban. Rohrabacher (R-CA) has repeatedly stated that the CIA secretly funded the Taliban and requested government records through the Freedom of Information Act since December of 1998. I would have liked to know if he'd ever received permission to view them. Maher also never bothered to ask him what government officials weren't interested in his Taliban liaison who was willing to provide Osama bin Laden's location.

Maher at the time of that show ridiculed the Iraq/al-Qaeda connection so I didn't understand his not questioning Rohrabacher on the topic since he's been one of the most controversial subjects in the matter.

Tonight he hosted Joe Scarborough of Lori Klausutis fame? This is a man so ignorant he needed to be reminded by Maher that Hitler was elected yet not only did Bill allow him to reiterate the Bushies' flimsy rationales for this Iraq invasion basically unchallenged he didn't ask one 'unanswered question' about the death of Klausutis.

Bill seems to have acquired a certain giddiness over the alleged liberation of Iraq. He had a t-shirt made with the slogan Democracy, Whiskey and Sex because when an Iraqi was asked recently what this invasion meant to him that was his reply and Maher thinks this is wonderful.

I find it confusing to say the least.

Does anyone think the Bushies intend to open taverns and build Planned Parenthood offices anytime soon in Iraq? Maybe the bars but come on. This administration is in the midst of dismantling programs that provide safe sex education and all it entails and the clueless Maher doesn't once remind the audience that the slogan is the antithesis of what this administration says it stands for and considering the rush of Christian proselytisers on their way to Iraq a contradiction I think was worth pursuing.

Oh well.

What 'brand' of democracy do you think the Bushies will install in Iraq?

Are we going to flood their 'market' with the glossy, sexy campaigns we use to sell products? Will we put sex shops on the corner, Playboy on the newsstands?

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