Friday, June 27, 2003

When I posted about this 'find' the other day I thought the Bushies were really pushing it. I even wondered if finally the stupidest sheeple would get off their duffs and say 'enough is enough'.

But nah. The Bushies must thank de loid every second of the day for the sheer ignorance and willingness to submit of their followers. I can't think of any nation on earth that possesses subjects as dense as these.

Others gauge Iraqi scientist's ordeal

Two months after he first asked for help in coming forward, the materials Obeidi buried 12 years ago are in the hands of U.S. officials and he is in Kuwait with his family. But his future remains unclear.

Reward money promised to Iraqis with details about illicit weapons programs hasn't been granted and his asylum request remains uncertain.

U.S. authorities said the information he provided wasn't the long-sought "smoking gun" they sought. But White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said it buttressed the administration's claim that Saddam had concealed weapons of mass destruction.

Yeah right, Ari.

Why was this scientist treated so shabbily? Didn't they think he'd risk going public on his own?

In my opinion they didn't think the evidence was worth giving this guy anything in exchange for it but decided it was good enough to quiet the appetites of Americans hungry for news of WMD.

Poor slob. He turns to CNN to protect his life and winds up in CIA custody.