Thursday, June 19, 2003

CIA Won't Take A Fall

Lots of commentary on why the CIA can't be blamed for Bush's use of faulty intelligence in his SOTU. William Rivers Pitt is correct and so is everyone else constructing these timelines as it pertains to this specific incidence.

What's missing in these analyses is George Tenet's defense of this same CIA intelligence that continues to this day.

Rank and file dissent and Tenet are two different animals and Tenet is the head cheese, isn't he. The buck stops there. I'm not so sure he wouldn't be willing to take a fall for the big guy and probably a reason he's coming out in defense of the intelligence. So to say the CIA shouldn't 'take a fall' in a general sense isn't entirely accurate. When it comes to Tenet he should go down.

Follow the money!

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