Friday, June 27, 2003

French to get harsher cigarette warnings

Larger labels with the simple message: "SMOKING KILLS."

Ha ha. Have you ever smoked a French cigarette? I've only tried one brand. Gauloises. For some reason the United States has forbidden access to their site.

I entered the site as a Greek and to my surprise it doesn't appear Gauloises come in non-filtered form these days, the brand I smoked.

Found an interesting titbit trying to find out if they're still sold at all;

"Queen Margrethe of Denmark smokes a strong weed - stronger than the guidelines of the European Union allow. Since yesterday, her favourite cigarettes, Karelia non-filters, are therefore no longer on sale in Denmark, as reported on Danish Television. The nicotine and tar values exceed the limits fixed by the EU. Karelia cigarettes, which are produced in Greece, were imported into Denmark for the royal smoker Margrethe above all", Berliner Morgenpost (Germany), May 16, '02

This must be the reason?


Tar/ nicotine/ filters According to European Union (EU) legislation, from 1993 cigarettes have to contain less than 15 mg of tar, and will have to contain less than 12 mg of tar from 1998.