Sunday, June 15, 2003

Happy Father's Day from Meria Heller

On this Fathers Day, may I wish all of you out there a Happy Father's Day. My own father left this planet a dozen years ago, but lives within me constantly. He always said "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree". I like to believe that in many ways I am walking his words and making him proud.

Today I read the news and see the murders we' ve committed in Iraq. I see Georgie playing golf, falling off vehicles, and having a happy (albeit spastic) weekend with his father. Well, if the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, they certainly prove it. From Gulf War 1 to Gulf War Lost; lies; secrets; coverups; what a sour apple tree it is. Further up the tree are the nazi-supporting Bushe's. Who planted that tree? Lucifer?

George Washington supposedly said he couldn't tell a lie, and it was he who cut down the cherry tree. We need Americans of all political parties to realize the tree sitting over Washington isn't one of the beautiful cherry blossoms lining the Potomac, but a bad apple tree that must be cut down before it pollutes all the others.

Make no mistake about it, this tree is the tree of good and evil in the garden, and it has shown no signs of bending towards the good for decades.

Today many fathers are NOT having good fathers day. Many fathers are falsely imprisoned; many fathers are working their two or three jobs to support their family (or "put food on their family" as georgie would say); Many fathers are watching their children stay sick or die without health insurance; and fathers the world over are either dead, dying, or watching their families die from the severe oppressive foreign policy of our Country.

Are these thoughts in the mind of the elitist out golfing, fishing or falling off vehicles this fathers day? Do the fathers or children who are strapping bombs on themselves out of desperation touch the hearts of the "sour apple tree family"? Barbara Bush said her mind was too "beautiful" to be concerned.......

Say a prayer for all the fathers, mothers and children of the world today. May the "tree of life" or the "tree of knowledge" come to life for all living things and uproot the "sour apple" trees of political regimes worldover who have forgotten what life is to be. A beautiful gift to share love, nurture and enjoy our planet and each other.

Much love,

Meria's first volume in a series of books "The Awakening of An American, How My Country Broke My Heart" is available here , here, or by e-mailing Meria directly.

I transcribed a few of the radio programs for the book and they are terrific. These interesting interviews provide one-of-a-kind historical references to events surrounding the 2000 election coup and are a great resource for unanswered questions surrounding the 9/11 tragedy among other topics.

Besides it should contain an acknowledgement to me so you should go right now and order one!

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