Wednesday, March 12, 2003

This picture accompanied a NYT's article about the March 8 demonstration in DC. Several thousand protestors, mostly women, made their voices heard and apparently around 25 were arrested for 'violating sidewalk restrictions'.

According to the article 'among those arrested were several well-known writers, including Alice Walker, Terry Tempest Williams, Maxine Hong Kingston and Susan Griffin, as well as Amy Goodman, a host on Pacifica Radio.'

Violating sidewalk restrictions? How anal can you get.

I attended the January 18th march on Washington and if these guidelines were in place they weren't enforced. Could it be a new standard? Seems sidewalks were off-limits at the February 15th march in New York as well.

I encountered a lady in DC who was a representative of Code Pink. She made her way through the huge crowd seeking donations and I gladly contributed but it couldn't come close to 'paying her back' for her efforts.

I've spent long days and seemingly endless nights in the cold, sometimes of my own choosing and other times not. Either way you learn to rise above it in order to survive. Not an easy thing for someone like myself who would spend an hour getting ready for sledding only to rush back into the house the minute snow got in my boots. I could relate to the resolve in her eyes. Cold? Oh that. I had my talk with the cold today and it loses again. I have more important things to do.

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