Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Strange Timing, Ralph

On May 27 the WP ran an article suggesting the Green Party might consider backing a Democrat.

Kucinich seemed to have the most support.

Then came an announcement that Nader and Kucinich would be appearing at a Democracy Rising event at John Hopkins University on June 26...

Can't seem to find the speeches or any mention of the event in cyberspace.

Did find a couple of articles here and here that suggest fairly strongly that Nader is going to make another run.

Then comes this Crossfire announcement;

Crossfire at 4:30 pm ET
On July 1, 2003
And online at [LINK]

From CNN's Crossfire staff:

Ralph Nader, Fmr. Green Party Presidential Candidate

In the Crossfire… Ralph Nader is flirting with another run for the Oval Office. Would his third party candidacy end up hurting or helping Democrats? Why does Nader claim that none of the Democratic candidates have what it takes to defeat Bush? Would a Nader candidacy bring important issues into the presidential debate or divert attention from candidates who have a better shot at assuming the top job? Ralph Nader steps into the Crossfire to answer it all.

Join Robert Novak and James Carville for Crossfire, 4:30 p.m. Eastern, 1:30 p.m. Pacific - live from the George Washington University. Teamed up with Judy Woodruff’s Inside Politics, we promise to give you the best hour of politics nywhere.

To be part of the studio audience e-mail us at: cnn@gwu.edu

Visit CROSSFIRE to send in your e-mail to be included in our Fire Back segment and offer your opinions on our show topics and guests.

The timing of it all is extremely puzzling.

Update 7/2: From the Crossfire transcript;

Well, you raise an interesting point. If Dennis Kucinich gets the nomination, it'll be less reason to have a third-party challenge. He's a very progressive Democrat and his views actually are closer to Jim Carville's than many of the nominees, potential nominees, not to mention Gore and Lieberman.